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Release Notes: December 27, 2022

What’s New Advisor Dashboard | Enhance household and account Transaction widget The Transaction widget on the Household and Account dashboard includes: Date, Description, Type, Account, Institution, and Amount This enhancement adds the following new data points: Symbol, Quantity, and Price These new data points are also added to the Export Report functionality on the each dashboard page. See our Household Dashboard Overview guide for more information.Client Experience | Activate multiple households for Investor PortalWe added the ability for Advisors to activate multiple households to the Investor portal in a single workflow The activation process includes functionality to review invitation details like Client Name and Email before sending. See our how-to article for more details:    Client Experience | Blind copy compliance users on the Household Activation EmailsIf enabled, Firm Manager users with the Compliance feature will be able to set a preference that allows them to be blind copied on every Household activation email sent to clients for access to the Investor Portal. See our how-to article for more details:    What’s Improved Reporting | Enhanced performance reporting for accounts funded after first reporting dateOn PDF reports, we now display a start value of $0 for accounts funded after the start date of a report. For example, an account funded on 12/15 for a reporting period of 12/1 to 12/30 will show a starting value of $0 and show that the account’s funding as part of the report’s contribution column.Billing | Display and Filter # of Accounts Included for BillingOn the Household Billing page, we added a new column that shows the number of accounts included for billing in a given household. We also added a new filter that allows the Firm Manager or Operations Manager doing billing to filter on households depending on the number of accounts included for billing. Both of these functionality improvements will allow Billing users to more efficiently send accounts from CircleBlack into BillFin in preparation for quarterly or monthly billing.

Welcome to the pre-launch of our Community experience

Welcome to our new Community experience, a place for the advisors, firm managers, and operations teams that use our platform to come together to ask questions, share knowledge, submit ideas & requests, see our product roadmap, sign up for events, and more.We are currently in "pre-launch" phase, meaning that only some of the full suite of functionality we envision offering is currently available. We anticipate an official launch with the remaining functionality will occur by the end of January, please stay tuned for that announcement.In the meantime, feel free to familiarize yourself with the community structure and browse the sections that are currently active, including:Knowledge base: Comprehensive set of guides and how-to's to help you get started using our platform and get the most out of the suite of capabilities and integrations we offer. Announcements: Includes release notes, product updates, and general announcements relevant for our customers. Product roadmap: See what we're working on now, what were building next, and what we've recently released. Contact support: Reach out to our customer support team with specific questions or issues.We anticipate our official launch in February will also include the following sections:Ideas: Help shape our product roadmap by sharing your ideas and upvoting on ideas that you like from others. Community groups: Ask questions and share knowledge about our platform with other advisors, firm managers, and operations teams. Events: Sign up for webinars and other events to learn how to get the most out of our platform. Feedback submission: Submit general feedback to our customer support team. Platform status: View the current status of our platform and see the incidence history.We hope you find our Community experience helpful, and we look forward to engaging with you further here in the months to come.-- CircleBlack Customer Success team

Release Notes: November 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: November 30, 2022 What's New Recap | Advisor Householding Self-Service ToolsWe wanted to recap the number of Advisor Householding Self-Service Tools we've added to the Advisor Dashboard over the last few months. Advisor users can now do the following with Households: Move a Client from an Existing Household to another Household or to create a New Household Move one or more Accounts from one Client to another Client Remove Client from a Household Deactivate a Household Deactivate & Activate a Client Merge or combine Households For details on each of these, please see our complete set of Advisor Householding help articles or contact our Customer Success team at with any questions.Recap | Compliance WealthAlerts® | Large Contributions or WithdrawalsThis month we released a new WealthAlert® that tracks large contributions or withdrawals. If you're a Firm Manager user with the Compliance tab, you can turn on this Alert for your Advisors by clicking on the WealthAlerts® submenu, clicking on the Large Contribution/Withdrawal alert tile and selecting Enable for Advisors. For more details, check out the User Guide. What's ImprovedIn the release, we deployed a number of operational and system improvements to help ensure we continue to deliver you timely and accurate account data.CircleBlack Release Notes: November 15, 2022 What's New Advisor Householding Self-Service | Merge HouseholdsOver the last few months, we've released a number of updates to the Advisor Householding self-service functionality. Today, we're releasing the latest: the ability to merge or combine households. Merging existing households is one of the the most common requests we get from Advisors.  The functionality allows Advisors to move a client or group of clients from a household to another one -- and delete the "empty" household. For more details, please check out our user guide here. New WealthAlert® | Detailed Modal for Large Contributions or Withdrawals Two weeks ago, we released our newest WealthAlert® for identifying large contributions and withdrawals. In today's release, we added the transaction details directly in the alert modal. Our user guide details the alert and its functionality in more depth. What's Improved Performance Reports | Enhanced auto-correct on data issuesWe have enhanced our Performance Reports to auto-correct common data issues that previously prevented them from being generated. Please note that this may result in some reports taking a few minutes longer to complete.Firm/Branch-Level Account Groups | Unmap account from Advisors not removed from Firm/Branch-Level GroupWhen an account is removed from an advisor and the account also exist within a branch-level group, the account will only be removed from the account-level group and not the branch-level group.CircleBlack Release Notes: November 1, 2022 What's New New WealthAlert® | Large Contributions or WithdrawalsWe are releasing our newest WealthAlert® in the Advisor Dashboard which identifies large contributions or withdrawals in your clients' accounts that exceed the threshold amount for a given account. Firm-level users with the Compliance tab can turn on the new alert for their firm's Advisors. Firm Manager Login → Compliance → WealthAlerts® → Large Contribution/Withdrawal Advisors can customize the threshold that triggers the alert by % of Account Value or by Dollar Amount. The default threshold is set at 10% of the account value. Advisor Login → Settings Gear icon → Advisor Preferences → Alerts Note: once the Alert is enabled, the Alerts won't display until the following business day after our Overnight processing is completed. If you have questions about turning on the new alert, contact | Rebalancing | Add Cash Reserve DetailsIn our Rebalancing tool, we've added a Cash Reserve details button to the Account Details page to better surface the Cash Reserve set for each account.  Models → Rebalancing → click on any Account What's Improved Removed Account from Group when no longer mapped to AdvisorWhen unmapping an account from an advisor the account is automatically removed from any Account groups created by the advisor.

Release Notes: October 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: October 18, 2022 What's New Generate Reports | Filter for Active or Inactive HouseholdsWe added a filter on the Households tab in the Generate Report workflow that allows Advisors to select Households that are either Active on the Investor portal or Inactive for the client portal. Advisors can use the filter to quickly generate and share reports for those households who have been activated to CircleBlack Investor. Similarly, for clients who are not on the client portal, Advisors can also efficiently generate their reports for their quarterly reviews or mailings. Advisor Householding | Deactivate/Activate ClientsWe added functionality that allows Advisor users to deactivate clients so they no longer populate in the Manage --> Clients page. This is especially useful for Firms that have historical data that includes clients with closed accounts or former clients. For more details, see the Deactivate Client and Activate Client help articles.What's Improved Weekly/Monthly Portfolio Summary Update Email | Improve Mobile ExperienceWe improved the display of the Weekly/Monthly Portfolio Summary Update Email on mobile devices.Advisor Dashboard | Risk Alerts Tile Donut ChartThe Risk Alert tile donut chart on the Advisor Dashboard has been fixed to properly display the number of households with Risk Scores too high, on target, and too low. CircleBlack Release Notes: October 4, 2022 What's New Advisor Dashboard | Institution Allocation Donut GraphThe order in which Institutions are listed in the donut graph now corresponds to the value of the assets held, starting with the highest value to the lowest.Reports | Reports Table DisplayIn the Reports table, additional columns for Preview and Download have been added, matching the display in the Document Vault.Document Vault | Document Details | Add Download ButtonWhen viewing a document in the Document Vault, a Download button has been added to the Document Details modal.New Asset Class Available | Intangible AssetsWe created a new asset class called Intangible Assets to handle any type of crypto-related securities that we may receive from our data feeds and data vendor partners.

Release Notes: September 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: September 20, 2022 What's New Advisor Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) LoginAdvisors now have the ability to turn on Multi-Faction Authentication when logging in to CircleBlack Advisor. The preference is "off" by default but Advisors can turn it on under Advisor Preferences (Go to Settings gear icon --> Advisor Preferences --> in "General Preferences" select the check box to enable and choose your method (text or email). If you choose text, make sure you have your correct mobile phone set in your CircleBlack User Profile (Settings gear icon --> User Profile --> Edit).Document Vault: Upload additional file typesAdvisor and Investors can now upload a variety of different file types in addition to PDF files. Example file types include: CSV (.csv), Doc (.doc, .docx, .rtf), Image (.jpeg, .jpg, .jpe, .jfif, .png, .svg, .svgz), PDF (.pdf), PPT (.ppt, .pptx), Text (.txt), and XLS (.xls, .xlsx) For a complete overview of the upload functionality and the Document Vault, visit our User Guide here.Improved PDF Report DisplayWe improved the display of tables on PDF reports, particularly for holdings or accounts with especially long names. The data now wraps in an elegant and logical way and no longer overlaps on the report footer.  CircleBlack Release Notes: September 6, 2022 What's New Document Vault user interfaceWe improved the Advisor and Investor Document Vault experience by adding preview and download icons for all documents.Historically Deactivate AccountsAdvisors now have the option to deactivate accounts historically which would remove a deactivated account’s history from the Advisor and Investor dashboards and all calculations. For more information on deactivating accounts, please see our How To Guide. 

Release Notes: August 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: August 23, 2022 What's New Income Report renamed to "Income & Expense Report"The previously released Income Report has been renamed the "Income and Expense Report" to more accurately reflect the report's detailsGenerate Report OptionsThe Net Worth and Income & Expense Report have been added to the available report options when a user clicks the Generate Report button on the Household and Account Info tiles.What's Fixed Totaled Holdings ReportWe fixed an issue in the Excel version of the Totaled Holdings Report that was displaying "$NaN” for Asset Class Totals.CircleBlack Release Notes: August 9, 2022 What's New Advisor Householding Self-Service ToolsThe Household is a central data view in the CircleBlack Advisor platform. Households allow Advisors to view a consolidate portfolio view of their clients' accounts, provide access to the Investor portal, and synch CircleBlack data with our Risk, Financial Planning, CRM, and Billing integration partners. If Advisors needed to move clients or accounts from one household to another, they needed to contact our Customer Success team. Now, in this release, we added Advisor householding self-service tools to enable Advisors to have more control over how they organize and view the Households and Accounts they manage. Learn more in our Advisor Householding user guide.New Report Option: Net Worth ReportThe Net Worth Report displays a Household’s assets and liabilities by account. To learn more, check out the Net Worth Report user guide.Adding Advisor Name to Assistant ViewDisplays the name of the Advisor in the header of the Advisor Dashboard that the Assistant user is assisting.What's Fixed Advisor Accounts ReportWhen exporting a list of your accounts under management from the Accounts page, the exported report will now include each account's account or rep code.  From your Dashboard, find your Accounts tile, expand the Accounts tile and click on the "Reports" icon in the upper right corner of the Accounts page.Account-level Report ParametersWhen generating a report for an individual Account, the "Accounts" and "Net Worth" parameter options will not display. Previously, when an Advisor would generate an Account-level report, the "Accounts" option would display as a choice -- even though it was not a valid option.

Release Notes: July 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: July 26, 2022 What's New New Report Option: Income ReportThe Income Report allows Advisors to review the sources of income and expenses in their clients' portfolio in order to communicate how their investment strategy generates passive income for their clients. For more details, please see our user guide article.What's Fixed Assistant Dashboard - Advisor HouseholdsWe fixed an issue on the Assistant Dashboard in which it was showing a total number of  households that included households that have all accounts deactivated. This differed from the view that Firm Managers have when they click on the Firm View and see the Advisors table which includes the number of households and total assets mapped to a particular advisor. In this view, households that have all accounts deactivated are not counted in the number of households under an advisor. As additional context, in the Advisor UI, households that have all accounts deactivated do not display in the Households Tile and are not included in any overall count of Firm or Advisor data. Similarly, accounts that are deactivated do not display in the Advisor UI. For more information about Deactivating Accounts, please see our user guide article.Exposure Chart We fixed an issue on the Exposure tile in which "Asset Class" was the only exposure category that would display even if another category was selected.Login FlowWe corrected an issue on the Set Password page that was allowing users to submit a new password even if the new password and the confirmation password did not match -- which resulted in an error. Now, if the passwords do not match, the user will not be able to press the submit button.CircleBlack Release Notes: July 12, 2022 What's New Advisor-Household Risk Number UpdateCircleBlack has updated how a Risk Partner's risk number displays in CircleBlack. Previously, the Risk number displayed on the household level was always based on all of the accounts in the household. Now, the Risk number is based on the Advisor-to-Household relationship. In other words, the Advisor will only see the Risk number based on the accounts they advise in a household. For more information, please see our User Guide.View Model Assignments on AccountsAdvisor users can now view models assigned to accounts on the Accounts List page (by expanding the Accounts tile) and on the Rebalancing Accounts page. What's Fixed Activating Households and not sending the Welcome EmailAdvisor users who do not want to send CircleBlack's Household Activation "Welcome Email" to their clients can now activate Households without having to contact our Client Services team to do so. Advisors can simply press the Activate button for a household and the household will be able to create a password and login to our Investor portal. Specifically, this helps firms who want to send an invitation from their own email marketing service to clients for the CircleBlack Investor portal.  Feel free to contact Client Services at if you are interested in this updated feature.

Release Notes: March 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: March 15, 2022 What’s New BillFin Invoices Can Now Be Exported Directly Into the CircleBlack Advisor PlatformCircleBlack Advisors using BillFin for billing can now export invoices generated in BillFin directly to the Document Vault in the CircleBlack Advisor platform, eliminating the manual process of uploading documents into CircleBlack. In BillFin, once the fees have been generated for your clients, clicking on the “Invoices” page allows you to select one, multiple, or all clients to generate an invoice for and then “Export” the pdf to the CircleBlack Advisor Document Vault.  For detailed instructions of how to export BillFin invoices into the CircleBlack Advisor Document Vault, please reference: How To Guide: Exporting BillFin Invoices to CircleBlack Advisor.Ability to Set Managed Asset Position’s Value to 0When adding or modifying Managed Assets in the CircleBlack platform, users can now set a position’s price and/or quantity to zero. Zero-value positions will not display in the Holdings tile, but can still be edited in the account.Improved User Experience on the Clients Householded TileIn the "Clients Householded" tile on the Advisor Overview dashboard or Firm Overview dashboard, when clicking on slices of the pie chart, users are taken to the corresponding page in the platform.CircleBlack Release Notes: March 1, 2022 What’s New Lock Out Functionality For Failed Login AttemptsA new security feature has been added that will lock out users after 5 failed login attempts. This applies to Advisor Platform and Investor Platform users.  When the user enters an incorrect password they will be presented with a warning message, "Your password is incorrect, you have X attempts left before your account is logged out.". After 5 attempts with an incorrect password, the user will receive the following message, "Your account is currently locked, please click the "forgot password" link below".  The user will then follow the instructions to reset their password.Updated Display Format of Date and Time on Report and Document PagesThe dates in the Date column and Details section on the Reports and Documents pages are now displayed in a consistent format (mm/dd/yy h:mmam/pm).  The dates will always reflect Eastern time zone.Name Change of 'Custom Report' TypeThe 'Custom Report' type name has been changed to 'General Report'.  No functionality is impacted.  What’s Fixed Add Account Button for Manual Asset On Account TileThe 'Add Account' button on the Account Tile is now working properly for firm-level users, allowing them to add manual assets. Creating Advisor Account Group with Account Code CriteriaAdvisors no longer get an error message when creating Account Groups using Account Code criterion. 

Release Notes: January 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: January 18, 2022 What’s New Display Position-Level Performance on Portfolio and Account-Level Holdings ReportsAdvisors can now display Position-Level Performance on Portfolio and Account Level Holdings reports. Position-Level Performance allows Advisors to provide deeper transparency for their clients and provides a clearer picture of how individual holdings  are contributing to the value of the portfolios. When generating a Holdings report, Advisors now have the option to select "Position Performance".  When this option is selected, Position-Level performance numbers will be displayed on the report. For more detailed information about how to use Position-Level Performance, please refer to the user guide by clicking here. What’s Fixed Advisor Logo Now Shows Properly in the Household Activation EmailWhen the Household Activation Email is sent to an Investor, it now properly shows the Advisor specific logo. CircleBlack Release Notes: January 4, 2022 What’s New Display Portfolio and Account-Level Risk Value on Performance ReportsAdvisors can now display Portfolio and Account Level Risk values from integrated risk analysis partners like Riskalyze, StratiFi, and Totum on PDF Performance Reports.  This new feature allows Advisors to provide more transparency and deeper insight to their clients when delivering  Performance reports. For more detailed information about how to use Risk Reporting, please see our user guide here. What’s Fixed Added Editing Functionality to Managed AccountsAdvisor users can now edit Account Name, Account Number, Type, and Institution on manually created assets. Ability to Update Household Name Without an Email Advisor users can now change a Household Name in cases where the Household does not have a user email set up. Phone Number Formatting on Client List PageThe phone number formatting on the Client List page now displays properly.  The phone number display now shows as (XXX) XXX-XXXX.Account Name UpdateEdited Account Names no longer revert back to original Account Names.  The platform now correctly stores and displays the Edited Account Name.

Release Notes: 2021 Archive

Below is an archive of our Release Notes from 2021.  CircleBlack Release Notes: December 20, 2021 What's New Multi-Period Performance ReportingCircleBlack Performance Reporting now provides the option to display multi-period performance numbers in a table and bar graph on the PDF performance report. For more detailed information about Multi-period Performance Reporting, please refer to the user guide by clicking here. CircleBlack Release Notes: December 7, 2021 What’s Fixed Additional Security Types added to Trade FilesThe following security types are now included in the Schwab, Fidelity, and TD trade files:  Preferred, Convertible, and Closed-End Funds.TD Trade File updated - Change Quantity Type and Include Transaction Fee Fields for MFs onlyThe TD trade file has been updated with additional fields.View Document Modal on Small ScreensImproved the display and functionality of PDF reports when viewed on small screens.Client Services Email and Phone were Not Being Displayed on Login PageThe Client Services email and phone information now appears properly on the Advisor login page.CircleBlack Release Notes: November 16, 2021 What’s New Blended BenchmarksThe new Blended Benchmarks feature allows firm managers to create individualized benchmarks that align precisely with investor strategies and allocations, giving a realistic comparison between portfolio performance and benchmark performance.  Once a benchmark is created, anyone in the firm enabled to view benchmarks will be able to: View the new blended benchmark in the Manage Benchmarks table Select it as their default benchmark preference Pick it from the list of available benchmarks on the Performance dashboard tile Pick it from the list of available benchmarks when running a Performance PDF report For detailed information on how to create, manage and use Blended Benchmarks click here to access the Blended Benchmarks User Guide.New Compliance Report: Advisor View Investor Experience ActivityThe new report tracks, for Compliance purposes, how often the "Views as Investor" experience is utilized. The detail of the report displays:  The name of the Advisor viewing the investor experience The name of the Investor being viewed How long the Advisor was in the "View as Investor" experience How many pages the Advisor viewed while in the "View as Investor" experience CircleBlack Release Notes: October 26, 2021 What's New Calculate and Display Asset Class Performance on Performance ReportAdvisors can now select a variety of “Performance Breakdown”  and “Exposure” parameters to add to Asset Class level information to Performance Reports.    The new Performance Breakdown options are:  Asset Class Performance Asset Class Contribution Detailed Asset Class Performance Detailed Asset Class Contribution For more details, click here for the How To Guide: Performance by Asset ClassAdvisor ‘View as Investor”An entitlement has been added to allow Advisors to view the Investor Portal as the investors sees it.  This will allow Advisors to provide self-service support to their Investors enhancing the client experience and increasing engagement between the Advisors and their Investors.  Advisors will have the ability to see the Investor experience on both the web portal and the app. For more details, click here for the How To Guide: View As Investor Improved the Navigation Going to Household from Account DashboardWhen in the Account Info tile in the Account Dashboard, a new button was added to allow advisors to easily navigate to the associated Household Dashboard.  To the right of the "Household" field, a ">>" button was added.  Click on this button will bring the user to the household for the account.Add Sort Logic to Task TileThe sort logic in the Task Tile has been updated to better surface the tasks that need the most immediate attention.  The Tasks are now sorted by; Task Due Date (oldest to newest), then by Task Priority (highest to lowest priority), then by Task Name (A-Z). Tasks with no due date will be at the bottom of the list.CircleBlack Release Notes: October 5, 2021 What’s New Expanded Capabilities for Schwab Trade FilesThe Trade Files for Schwab have been expanded to include Mutual Funds and Options. This allows advisors to download the Schwab trade files for Equities, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Options directly from the rebalancing process. These files can then be easily uploaded to the custodians for processing.Added Account Name Edit FunctionalityGives Advisors functionality to edit Account Names on the Accounts Tile, Manage Accounts list, and Account Info page. Editing the Account Name also updates PDF-generated Reports as well as the display of Accounts in the Investor platform. For more details, access the user guide here.Added Firm-Level Report: Previously Mapped Account CodesThe new firm-level report displays all accounts that have had an Account Code change and are no longer mapped to the original Advisor. The report allows Firm Managers to map Account Codes to the appropriate Advisor. For more details, access the user guide here.Enhanced StratiFi Integration: Risk Numbers Displayed in Investor PlatformAdded StratiFi's Prism Current and Target Risk Numbers to the Risk Management tile in the Investor platform, providing Advisors enhanced engagement with clients regarding their risk profiles.Improved Risk Management/Financial Planning Messaging in Investor Portal/AppEnhanced and clarified the user experience for the Risk Management and Financial Planning tiles in the investor platform with improved messaging.Updated the Advisors, Profile and Contact Us Fields in Investor Web PortalAdded more attributes to Preferences, Profile and Contact Us Features on Investor Web Portal, such as: DOB and Gender. This enhancement also simplifies the "Contact Us" experience in the Investor Web Portal.CircleBlack Release Notes: September 21, 2021 What’s New New Compliance Integration with RIA in a BoxThe two-way integration between CircleBlack and RIA in a Box allows CircleBlack clients to access the online services of the RIA compliance software platform, MyRIACompliance®, from within the CircleBlack advisor experience. In addition to the expected single sign-on, CircleBlack’s deep integration will also pull relevant action items from RIA in a Box directly into the Advisor dashboard for timely, quick resolutions. You can access the the user guide for the RIA in a Box integration here.CircleBlack Release Notes: August 31, 2021 What’s New Performance Benchmarks Can Now be Displayed on the Advisor Dashboards & Added to Performance PDF ReportsThis new feature allows advisors to select from a list of available benchmarks and view benchmark performance in the Performance Tile.  When viewing a Household, Account or Group Dashboard, Advisors can view the benchmark performance and use it as a comparison to the standard performance number.  In addition, a benchmark performance number can be added to a Performance PDF report. The performance of the benchmark will display on the Portfolio Overview page and the Portfolio Activity Summary page.   For more information on how to use the new Performance Benchmark feature, click here to view the user guide.Ability to "Hide" Tiles on DashboardsAdvisors now have the ability to "Hide" tiles on Dashboards.  The V3 release added the ability to customize Dashboards.  This new feature extends that capability and allows Advisors to "Hide" tiles they are not using to further facilitate workflows.   For details on how to "Hide" tiles, click here to view the user guide.Change name of Trust Co. of America InstitutionThe institution name of ETRADE Advisor Services accounts is now "Axos Advisor Services".CircleBlack Release Notes: August 17, 2021 What’s NewTD Ameritrade and Fidelity Trade Files The new trade files provide the ability for advisors to download Fidelity and TD Ameritrade Trade Files for Equities, ETF's and Mutual Funds directly from the rebalancing process. These files can then be easily uploaded to the custodians for processing.What’s FixedBranch Manager users can now refresh the CircleBlack Platform Improve load times on Investor platform loginCircleBlack Release Notes: August 3, 2021 What’s New Updated CD ClassificationThe classification of holdings of CDs has been changed from Cash to Investment Grade Bonds. Compliance Users can set Household Activation Email DefaultsFirm-level Compliance users can now set Household Activation Email defaults. Click here for more detailed information.Change name of Trust Co. of America InstitutionThe institution name of Trust Company of America accounts is now "ETRADE Advisor Services".Change name of RBC InstitutionThe institution name of RBC Correspondent Services and RBC Advisor Services (CAS) accounts to "RBC Clearing & Custody"What’s Fixed Firm/Branch/Advisor ‘Big Number’ displaying when drilling into tilesThe “context” number now properly represents the AUM number for the tile the user is on.Managed Assets: cannot view/edit history for manually added assetsUsers can now view and edit history for additional managed assets added manually.Holdings page on Modular Report prints incorrectlyLong names on PDF reports now will wrap correctly to the next line and will no longer be “cut-off”.Tradeable Indicator Icon is displaying on incorrect accountsTradeable Indicator icon now displays only on tradable accounts.MoneyGuide Probability of Success Widget is not displaying "No Plan" The MoneyGuide Probability of Success widget now appropriately  displays "No Plan" if the Household does not have a financial plan in MoneyGuide.Improved Wealthbox iframe in CircleBlackThe display of how CircleBlack iframes Wealthbox has been enhanced.Totum Integration Upon analyzing risk, a new client is created in Totum with a CircleBlack household email. If a Totum client already exists with the household email, it will link to that client.CircleBlack Release Notes: July 20th, 2021 What’s New Update Account Info Tile and Account Info PageThe 'Masked' Account Number is now displayed on both Account Info tile and page.New Risk Analysis Integration with StratiFi:The tight integration between StratiFi and CircleBlack allows advisors to better educate their clients about market realities, communicate risk ranges across accounts, and adjust risk exposure efficiently.The two-way integration supports contextual SSO iFrame to access StratiFi from within CircleBlack.With the integration Advisors can:View the StratiFi PRISM Rating™ (actual risk) at the household, group, and account level within the CircleBlack Advisor user experience View the StratiFi Risk Tolerance score (target risk) at the household level in the CircleBlack Advisor experience Update risk scores through from the CircleBlack UITo learn more about the CircleBlack/StratiFi integration click here or contact CircleBlack Client Services at’s Fixed Email undefined Error when clicking Save Changes in Investor UIInvestor users no longer experience an error message when updating and saving information in their Profile.CircleBlack Release Notes: July 6th, 2021 What’s New Salesforce Integration EnhancementsAdvisor Tasks:  Bi-directional Tasks in the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud integration. Salesforce Tasks will now be added to the Tasks tile within the Overview pages. Marking a Task as completed in CircleBlack will now mark the Task as completed in Salesforce for real-time task management. Account and Household Contextual Navigation:  Clicking on the "View on Salesforce" button within the Account Overview and Household Overview will send an Advisor directly to that Salesforce Object. Feature is also available within Account Info and Household Info pages. Updated Mappings to Financial Accounts in Salesforce:  Fields added to the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud integration for the Salesforce Financial Account object. Click here for full mapping from CircleBlack to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.ReportsGreen Bar Removed from Reports:  Removed green bar and background color from all reports and replaced them with updated colors. To view a sample report click here.Client PortalUpdates to Client Portal:  Investor web portal now includes the same Risk Management, Probability of Success and Preferences features found in the Investor mobile app.Advisor Platform EnhancementsDisplay Client and Tax Identifier on Account Info tile (in Account Dashboard) and Account Info page. Hide Tax Identifier on Client info screen (example: xxxxx9288).  Tax ID will display when editing Client Information. Advisor V3 Release: June 26, 2021 At last it is here!  CircleBlack V3 Advisor platform is live! We are excited to get all our clients on this new user experience!As a reminder, What is V3?CircleBlack V3 is a technology upgrade to the platform.  It is focused on changes to facilitate and streamline the workflow within the platform and deliver an enhanced user experience.What are the Benefits?Faster Page Load Times Quicker Time to Market for New Enhancements Improved Advisor ExperienceWhat is Changing?Navigation: V3 groups together functionality in logical workflows to facilitate your daily use of the platform Dashboard Flexibility:  V3 adds flexibility to the Overview Dashboards that will allow you to position tiles in a way that makes the most sense for your daily usageImportant to note all features, functionality, and integrations you have today will still be available.  V3 was designed to take those features and make them easier to access and use.When Will V3 be Live?CircleBlack will be installing the upgrade on Friday June 25th 9:00 PM ET The Advisor Platform will be unavailable from Friday June 25th 9:00 PM ET – Saturday June 26th 8:00 AM ET V3 will be available for Advisors to log into Saturday June 26th  at 8:00 AM ET Training Webinars and ResourcesTo ensure you have a smooth transition to the new version, we invite you to attend a training webinar.  The webinar will allow you to see V3 in action and will walk you through how to navigate the new version.  To register for a webinar, click on the date and time below that is most convenient for you.Tuesday June 15, 2021 8:30 am - 9:00 am ET Thursday June 17, 2021 11:30 am - 12:00 pm ET Monday June 21, 2021 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET Wednesday June 23, 2021 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm ETIn addition, we have some “How To” videos and a V2-V3 Comparison doc available for you to review now and use as a reference once the new version is live. You can access the resources by clicking below.V3 How to Video: Menu and Dashboard Navigation V3 How to Video: Reports V3 How to Video: Onboarding and Householding V2 - V3 Comparison DocWe look forward to rolling out V3 and working with you to ensure you and your firm take full advantage of the benefits it brings.  If you have any questions, please reach out to or 1-800-315-1241 ext 2.