Release Notes: October 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: October 18, 2022


What's New


Generate Reports | Filter for Active or Inactive Households

  • We added a filter on the Households tab in the Generate Report workflow that allows Advisors to select Households that are either Active on the Investor portal or Inactive for the client portal.
  • Advisors can use the filter to quickly generate and share reports for those households who have been activated to CircleBlack Investor.
  • Similarly, for clients who are not on the client portal, Advisors can also efficiently generate their reports for their quarterly reviews or mailings. 

Advisor Householding | Deactivate/Activate Clients

  • We added functionality that allows Advisor users to deactivate clients so they no longer populate in the Manage --> Clients page. This is especially useful for Firms that have historical data that includes clients with closed accounts or former clients.
  • For more details, see the Deactivate Client and Activate Client help articles.

What's Improved


Weekly/Monthly Portfolio Summary Update Email | Improve Mobile Experience

  • We improved the display of the Weekly/Monthly Portfolio Summary Update Email on mobile devices.

Advisor Dashboard | Risk Alerts Tile Donut Chart

  • The Risk Alert tile donut chart on the Advisor Dashboard has been fixed to properly display the number of households with Risk Scores too high, on target, and too low.


CircleBlack Release Notes: October 4, 2022


What's New


Advisor Dashboard | Institution Allocation Donut Graph

  • The order in which Institutions are listed in the donut graph now corresponds to the value of the assets held, starting with the highest value to the lowest.

Reports | Reports Table Display

  • In the Reports table, additional columns for Preview and Download have been added, matching the display in the Document Vault.

Document Vault | Document Details | Add Download Button

  • When viewing a document in the Document Vault, a Download button has been added to the Document Details modal.

New Asset Class Available | Intangible Assets

  • We created a new asset class called Intangible Assets to handle any type of crypto-related securities that we may receive from our data feeds and data vendor partners.
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