Release Notes: November 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: November 30, 2022


What's New


Recap | Advisor Householding Self-Service Tools

  • We wanted to recap the number of Advisor Householding Self-Service Tools we've added to the Advisor Dashboard over the last few months.
  • Advisor users can now do the following with Households:
    • Move a Client from an Existing Household to another Household or to create a New Household

    • Move one or more Accounts from one Client to another Client

    • Remove Client from a Household

    • Deactivate a Household

    • Deactivate & Activate a Client

    • Merge or combine Households
  • For details on each of these, please see our complete set of Advisor Householding help articles or contact our Customer Success team at with any questions.

Recap | Compliance WealthAlerts®️ | Large Contributions or Withdrawals

  • This month we released a new WealthAlert®️ that tracks large contributions or withdrawals.
  • If you're a Firm Manager user with the Compliance tab, you can turn on this Alert for your Advisors by clicking on the WealthAlerts®️ submenu, clicking on the Large Contribution/Withdrawal alert tile and selecting Enable for Advisors.
  • For more details, check out the User Guide

What's Improved

  • In the release, we deployed a number of operational and system improvements to help ensure we continue to deliver you timely and accurate account data.

CircleBlack Release Notes: November 15, 2022


What's New


Advisor Householding Self-Service | Merge Households

  • Over the last few months, we've released a number of updates to the Advisor Householding self-service functionality. Today, we're releasing the latest: the ability to merge or combine households. Merging existing households is one of the the most common requests we get from Advisors. 
  • The functionality allows Advisors to move a client or group of clients from a household to another one -- and delete the "empty" household.
  • For more details, please check out our user guide here

New WealthAlert®️ | Detailed Modal for Large Contributions or Withdrawals 

  • Two weeks ago, we released our newest WealthAlert®️ for identifying large contributions and withdrawals.
  • In today's release, we added the transaction details directly in the alert modal.
  • Our user guide details the alert and its functionality in more depth. 

What's Improved


Performance Reports | Enhanced auto-correct on data issues

  • We have enhanced our Performance Reports to auto-correct common data issues that previously prevented them from being generated. Please note that this may result in some reports taking a few minutes longer to complete.

Firm/Branch-Level Account Groups | Unmap account from Advisors not removed from Firm/Branch-Level Group

  • When an account is removed from an advisor and the account also exist within a branch-level group, the account will only be removed from the account-level group and not the branch-level group.

CircleBlack Release Notes: November 1, 2022


What's New


New WealthAlert®️ | Large Contributions or Withdrawals

  • We are releasing our newest WealthAlert®️ in the Advisor Dashboard which identifies large contributions or withdrawals in your clients' accounts that exceed the threshold amount for a given account.
  • Firm-level users with the Compliance tab can turn on the new alert for their firm's Advisors.
    • Firm Manager Login → Compliance → WealthAlerts®️ → Large Contribution/Withdrawal
  • Advisors can customize the threshold that triggers the alert by % of Account Value or by Dollar Amount. The default threshold is set at 10% of the account value.
    • Advisor Login → Settings Gear icon → Advisor Preferences → Alerts
  • Note: once the Alert is enabled, the Alerts won't display until the following business day after our Overnight processing is completed.
  • If you have questions about turning on the new alert, contact

Advisor | Rebalancing | Add Cash Reserve Details

  • In our Rebalancing tool, we've added a Cash Reserve details button to the Account Details page to better surface the Cash Reserve set for each account. 
    • Models → Rebalancing → click on any Account

What's Improved


Removed Account from Group when no longer mapped to Advisor

  • When unmapping an account from an advisor the account is automatically removed from any Account groups created by the advisor.
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