Release Notes: November 1, 2023

What's New


DocVault | Bulk Uploads

Last release we brought you bulk downloads, this week we’re releasing the complimentary bulk uploads. 

Advisors and Firm Managers will find the Add Documents workflow now supports bulk uploads, making adding multiple documents at once significantly easier and fasterClick here for more details.

  • Bulk uploads are limited to 20 files at a time.
  • This feature supports the following file types; jpg, jiff, png, svg, csv, doc, rtf, pdf, ppt, txt, and xls. 


Advisor Experience | Knowledge Bot

To help make sure users have the right information at their fingertips when using the system, we’ve implemented a Knowledge Bot within the UI.

  • Users will find a small blue icon in the lower right
  • Clicking this icon will give access to key information, such as Knowledge Base content, Guides, and Release Notes.

What's Improved


Billing | Household Billing

  • Advisors will be able to select all managed accounts for billing from the Household billing page.
  • Updated Household billing details page to include Managed/Unmanaged indicator

Reports | Page Order, Search, & Asset Class Labels

  • Fixed bug which caused the "Performance by Asset Class" page to display in the wrong order.
  • Advisors searching for Reports can now search with a chosen time period. (1 year is set as the default period shown)
  • Added descriptive labels for the donut charts on the Asset Class Analysis page.

Integrations | Blaze

  • Users will now be able to SSO directly into Blaze Portfolio from the Advisor experience.


What's Fixed


Advisor Dashboard | Tax Lots

  • If your custodian is Schwab, FMR, or Pershing, you will now see Tax Lot data in the Advisor dashboards.
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