Release Notes: May 16, 2023

Release Notes: May 16, 2023

What’s New


Client Experience | Firm customize widgets on Investor Portal

  • We added the ability for firms to control the widgets displayed to their clients in the Investor web portal. This allows firms to provide a customized Investor portal experience to their clients and highlight the information they want their clients see.
  • Any user with firm-level access can access this feature by going to Settings -> Preferences and navigating down to Investor Experience Settings.
  • Click here for additional information.

Reporting | Summarized View of Income & Expense Report

  • We enhanced the Income & Expense Report by adding a table with sub-totals of Income & Expenses generated for the report period included by default in all Income & Expense reports
  • We also added an option to allow Advisors to choose to include the transaction details or not. 

Reporting | Provide option to add income generated from Options Trading to Income & Expense Report 

  • We also added Options Trading as an Activity Type in the Income & Expense Report. This will allow Advisors to show clients a summarized and/or detailed view of Options trading transactions that generated income.

Advisor Dashboard | Additional Benchmarks

  • We added additional ETFs to the standard list of ETFs available as benchmarks:
    • NASDAQ-100 QQQ

    • Dow Jones DIA

    • Russell 2000 IWM

    • Emerging Markets VWO

    • S&P Mid-Cap IHJ

    • All Countries Ex US ACWX

  • We also added the ability for Advisors share their blended benchmarks with other Firm Users