Release Notes: March 21, 2023

Release Notes: March 21, 2023

What’s New


Advisor Dashboard | Set Custom Time Periods on Performance Widgets

  • In our March 7 release, we added functionality to set a custom time period on the Balance Graph widget. In this release, we added the same custom time period functionality to the Performance and Performance by Asset Class widget.
  • Custom Time Period functionality on Balance and Performance widgets is available in Household, Account, or Group Dashboards.

Advisor Dashboard | Performance Methodology Indicator

  • The Performance and Holdings Widgets also now include a help indicator icon for viewing Performance Methodology Type (Time-Weighted or Dollar-Weighted Return), Gross or Net of Fees calculation, and if returns greater than 1 Year are Annualized or Cumulative.

 What’s Improved


Advisor Dashboard & Investor Portal | Preferences Validation for Phone Numbers

  • We added validation for users to easily update a phone number if they update preferences like 2-Factor authentication.

Reporting | Save Parameters in Generate Report Workflow

  • While generating reports, previous parameters selected will be saved if an advisor needs to navigate to previous step. Previously context selected was always cleared when a user navigated back.