Release Notes: March 7, 2023

Release Notes: March 7, 2023

What’s New


Reporting | Page Ordering Functionality

  • When generating PDF Reports, Advisors now have the ability to select and save the order of the pages of their Reports. 

Advisor Dashboard | Set Custom Time Periods

  • In the Balance tile widgets throughout the Advisor interface -- the Household, Account, and Group Dashboards -- Advisor users can now set and view the balance graph for a selected custom time range. Current functionality has allowed advisors to look at balances using fixed time periods like 1 Month or YTD.
  • A forthcoming release will allow Advisor users to set a custom time period on the Performance tile.

Client Experience | Set Household Preferences across multiple households

  • On the Households tile, we added a drop down to easily set preferences like performance methodology and Email Reports delivery across multiple households.

Client Experience | View Model Names on Accounts in Investor Portal

  • The Investor portal will now display model names on accounts for firms that have models assigned to accounts. 


What’s Improved


Advisor Dashboard | Analyze Risk on Account Groups

  • Advisor users can now analyze risk on Accounts Groups if you have an existing Risk partner integration.

Reporting | User Experience Improvements

  • We updated the Default Settings logic to always load the latest default settings.
  • We fixed an issue for Firm Manager users who were trying to generate reports for their own book of business; selecting their Advisor name now correctly filters on their households.
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