Release Notes: December 27, 2022

Release Notes: December 27, 2022

What’s New


Advisor Dashboard | Enhance household and account Transaction widget 

  • The Transaction widget on the Household and Account dashboard includes: Date, Description, Type, Account, Institution, and Amount
  • This enhancement adds the following new data points: Symbol, Quantity, and Price
  • These new data points are also added to the Export Report functionality on the each dashboard page.
  • See our Household Dashboard Overview guide for more information.

Client Experience | Activate multiple households for Investor Portal

  • We added the ability for Advisors to activate multiple households to the Investor portal in a single workflow
  • The activation process includes functionality to review invitation details like Client Name and Email before sending.
  • See our how-to article for more details: 


Client Experience | Blind copy compliance users on the Household Activation Emails

  • If enabled, Firm Manager users with the Compliance feature will be able to set a preference that allows them to be blind copied on every Household activation email sent to clients for access to the Investor Portal.
  • See our how-to article for more details: 


What’s Improved


Reporting | Enhanced performance reporting for accounts funded after first reporting date

  • On PDF reports, we now display a start value of $0 for accounts funded after the start date of a report.
  • For example, an account funded on 12/15 for a reporting period of 12/1 to 12/30 will show a starting value of $0 and show that the account’s funding as part of the report’s contribution column.

Billing | Display and Filter # of Accounts Included for Billing

  • On the Household Billing page, we added a new column that shows the number of accounts included for billing in a given household.
  • We also added a new filter that allows the Firm Manager or Operations Manager doing billing to filter on households depending on the number of accounts included for billing.
  • Both of these functionality improvements will allow Billing users to more efficiently send accounts from CircleBlack into BillFin in preparation for quarterly or monthly billing.