Release Notes: August 22, 2023

What’s Improved


Advisor UI | Customization and Streamlining

  • To make comparisons easy and reduce clicking, Advisors can now change the time period globally from a dropdown at the top of the page rather than individually on time-bound dashboard tiles. Click here for more details.
  • To ensure Advisors can quickly get to relevant information, Firm Managers can choose if the Dashboard displays Firm View or My Portfolio View for Advisors.
  • To make it more intuitive to manage Households, the “Householding” button used to create new Households has been moved from the Manage < Clients tab to the Manage < Households tab.


DocVault | Alerts and notifications

  • To make it easier to see when new documents have been uploaded, the Folders on DocVault now display a yellow icon to the left of the item count text when documents have been added. Click here for more details.


Asset categories (from Morningstar) | Intangible Asset Type

  • To better address users' different assets, we’ve added Intangible Assets as a category for manual assets. Click here for more details on Asset Classes.


Reports v2 | Enhancements

  • Building reports that suit Advisors' needs is now simpler, as Advisors can save preferred benchmarks as part of custom report templates.
  • When selecting holdings pages on the Report Parameters screen, Advisors will find tooltips that detail what will be included in the report.
  • We’ve increased the readability of charts by updating the colors used to represent the different Broad Asset Classes.


Integrations | Blaze Portfolio

  • We’ve made it easier for Advisors to navigate to Blaze Portfolio by adding a new point of entry on the Integrations page.




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