Release Notes: March 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: March 15, 2022


What’s New


BillFin Invoices Can Now Be Exported Directly Into the CircleBlack Advisor Platform

  • CircleBlack Advisors using BillFin for billing can now export invoices generated in BillFin directly to the Document Vault in the CircleBlack Advisor platform, eliminating the manual process of uploading documents into CircleBlack.
  • In BillFin, once the fees have been generated for your clients, clicking on the “Invoices” page allows you to select one, multiple, or all clients to generate an invoice for and then “Export” the pdf to the CircleBlack Advisor Document Vault. 
  • For detailed instructions of how to export BillFin invoices into the CircleBlack Advisor Document Vault, please reference: How To Guide: Exporting BillFin Invoices to CircleBlack Advisor.

Ability to Set Managed Asset Position’s Value to 0

  • When adding or modifying Managed Assets in the CircleBlack platform, users can now set a position’s price and/or quantity to zero. Zero-value positions will not display in the Holdings tile, but can still be edited in the account.

Improved User Experience on the Clients Householded Tile

  • In the "Clients Householded" tile on the Advisor Overview dashboard or Firm Overview dashboard, when clicking on slices of the pie chart, users are taken to the corresponding page in the platform.

CircleBlack Release Notes: March 1, 2022


What’s New


Lock Out Functionality For Failed Login Attempts

  • A new security feature has been added that will lock out users after 5 failed login attempts. This applies to Advisor Platform and Investor Platform users. 
  • When the user enters an incorrect password they will be presented with a warning message, "Your password is incorrect, you have X attempts left before your account is logged out.". After 5 attempts with an incorrect password, the user will receive the following message, "Your account is currently locked, please click the "forgot password" link below".  The user will then follow the instructions to reset their password.

Updated Display Format of Date and Time on Report and Document Pages

  • The dates in the Date column and Details section on the Reports and Documents pages are now displayed in a consistent format (mm/dd/yy h:mmam/pm).  The dates will always reflect Eastern time zone.

Name Change of 'Custom Report' Type

  • The 'Custom Report' type name has been changed to 'General Report'.  No functionality is impacted.  

What’s Fixed


Add Account Button for Manual Asset On Account Tile

  • The 'Add Account' button on the Account Tile is now working properly for firm-level users, allowing them to add manual assets. 

Creating Advisor Account Group with Account Code Criteria

  • Advisors no longer get an error message when creating Account Groups using Account Code criterion. 
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