Release Notes: January 24, 2023

Release Notes: January 24, 2023

What’s New


Advisor Dashboard | New Performance by Asset Class Widget (Table)

  • Adds a new Performance by Asset Class widget to the Household, Account, and Group Dashboards in the Advisor platform. 
  • In this release, the widget includes a Table that shows the Asset Classes and their respective Performance and Contribution values over a selected time period. 

    Note: because this is a new widget on the Dashboard pages, be sure to click the Edit Layout button in the upper right corner of the Dashboard pages and then Add button to select the Performance by Asset Class option.

Advisor Dashboard | Preferences Button added to Household Info Widget

  • Adds the Preferences button to the Household Info Widget on the Household Dashboard within the Advisor platform.
  • The Preferences button provides quicker access to the page where Advisors can set preferences in the Investor portal. 


Client Experience | Enable Benchmarks for Investor Portal

  • Gives Advisors the ability to assign benchmarks to their Households’ Investor portal.
  • The first part of this enhancement includes the ability to assign one benchmark at the household level. For more details, see: