Release Notes: January 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: January 18, 2022


What’s New


Display Position-Level Performance on Portfolio and Account-Level Holdings Reports

  • Advisors can now display Position-Level Performance on Portfolio and Account Level Holdings reports. Position-Level Performance allows Advisors to provide deeper transparency for their clients and provides a clearer picture of how individual holdings  are contributing to the value of the portfolios.
  • When generating a Holdings report, Advisors now have the option to select "Position Performance".  When this option is selected, Position-Level performance numbers will be displayed on the report.
  • For more detailed information about how to use Position-Level Performance, please refer to the user guide by clicking here. 

What’s Fixed


Advisor Logo Now Shows Properly in the Household Activation Email

  • When the Household Activation Email is sent to an Investor, it now properly shows the Advisor specific logo.


CircleBlack Release Notes: January 4, 2022


What’s New


Display Portfolio and Account-Level Risk Value on Performance Reports

  • Advisors can now display Portfolio and Account Level Risk values from integrated risk analysis partners like Riskalyze, StratiFi, and Totum on PDF Performance Reports.  This new feature allows Advisors to provide more transparency and deeper insight to their clients when delivering  Performance reports.
  • For more detailed information about how to use Risk Reporting, please see our user guide here

What’s Fixed


Added Editing Functionality to Managed Accounts

  • Advisor users can now edit Account Name, Account Number, Type, and Institution on manually created assets. 

Ability to Update Household Name Without an Email 

  • Advisor users can now change a Household Name in cases where the Household does not have a user email set up. 

Phone Number Formatting on Client List Page

  • The phone number formatting on the Client List page now displays properly.  The phone number display now shows as (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

Account Name Update

  • Edited Account Names no longer revert back to original Account Names.  The platform now correctly stores and displays the Edited Account Name.
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