Release Notes: February 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: February 16, 2022


What’s Fixed


Navigation from Household or Account Page Back to Main Dashboard

  • Advisor users can now click on the firm logo, the CircleBlack logo and/or click Analyze/Dashboard to get back to the main dashboard when on a Household or Account. 

CircleBlack Release Notes: February 2, 2022


What's New


Position Performance UI Improvement

  • The user interface for creating a Position-Level Performance report has been updated to simplify the generation of the report. The option to select Position Performance has been moved to the "Holdings" section of the report generation options (see below).
  • For more detailed information about how to use Position-Level Performance, please refer to the user guide by clicking here. 

What’s Fixed


Advisor Exposure Breakdown Discrepancy

  • Non-Householded accounts are now included in the details of Exposure Type, providing consistent information between the Exposure tile and Exposure Type detail. 

Duplicate Client Addresses No Longer Being Created

  • The issue that was causing duplicated client addresses to be created has been fixed. 
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