Release Notes: August 2022

CircleBlack Release Notes: August 23, 2022


What's New


Income Report renamed to "Income & Expense Report"

  • The previously released Income Report has been renamed the "Income and Expense Report" to more accurately reflect the report's details

Generate Report Options

  • The Net Worth and Income & Expense Report have been added to the available report options when a user clicks the Generate Report button on the Household and Account Info tiles.

What's Fixed


Totaled Holdings Report

  • We fixed an issue in the Excel version of the Totaled Holdings Report that was displaying "$NaN” for Asset Class Totals.

CircleBlack Release Notes: August 9, 2022


What's New


Advisor Householding Self-Service Tools

  • The Household is a central data view in the CircleBlack Advisor platform. Households allow Advisors to view a consolidate portfolio view of their clients' accounts, provide access to the Investor portal, and synch CircleBlack data with our Risk, Financial Planning, CRM, and Billing integration partners.
  • If Advisors needed to move clients or accounts from one household to another, they needed to contact our Customer Success team.
  • Now, in this release, we added Advisor householding self-service tools to enable Advisors to have more control over how they organize and view the Households and Accounts they manage. Learn more in our Advisor Householding user guide.

New Report Option: Net Worth Report

  • The Net Worth Report displays a Household’s assets and liabilities by account. To learn more, check out the Net Worth Report user guide.

Adding Advisor Name to Assistant View

  • Displays the name of the Advisor in the header of the Advisor Dashboard that the Assistant user is assisting.

What's Fixed


Advisor Accounts Report

  • When exporting a list of your accounts under management from the Accounts page, the exported report will now include each account's account or rep code. 
  • From your Dashboard, find your Accounts tile, expand the Accounts tile and click on the "Reports" icon in the upper right corner of the Accounts page.

Account-level Report Parameters

  • When generating a report for an individual Account, the "Accounts" and "Net Worth" parameter options will not display. Previously, when an Advisor would generate an Account-level report, the "Accounts" option would display as a choice -- even though it was not a valid option.
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