Release Notes: April 24, 2023

Release Notes: April 24, 2023

What’s Coming Soon


Over the last month, the CircleBlack Product and Engineering teams have been hard at work building out extensive back-end architectural updates that pave the way for exciting front-end features and functionality that will be released in May and June. This weekend, we released those back-end updates.

Significant back-end changes for Investor User Access

  • This weekend’s release included significant back-end changes that will provide Advisors more flexibility in setting up clients' access to the Investor portal. We are targeting end of June for this functionality
  • This includes the ability to associate multiple Investor user logins with a single Household, i.e. one login for each household member.
  • It also will include the ability for an Investor user to access multiple Households, i.e. allow two business owners to access a shared corporate account while still keeping their own personal accounts private.

Infrastructure updates to allow Firms to customize Investor Portal widgets

  • We also released back-end infrastructure updates that will allow Firms to customize the widgets that display in the Investor web portal. We expect to release the front-end functionality later in May.
  • Firms will be able to pick which widgets their clients can access and in what layout configuration.

Accounts Architecture: Managed versus Unmanaged

  • We are adding functionality that allows Advisors to segregate Accounts they advise or manage directly for clients versus accounts that they do not.
  • A clear example of this are the Accounts that come in to CircleBlack directly from your custodians like Schwab or Fidelity. These accounts will be tagged as Managed. When your clients login to the Investor portal to link and share their held-away accounts like an employer 401k, these accounts will be tagged as Unmanaged.
  • Advisors have told us having this ability to distinguish between these account buckets is critical to conveying how they are delivering for their clients.
  • The CircleBlack interface will allow Advisors to view Firm, Advisor, and Household account data across All, Managed, or Unmanaged Accounts. Reporting and the Investor portal will also include this distinction too.

What’s Improved


Speed of loading data on the Holdings Widget

  • We optimized the speed of loading all the data the displays on this widget so when you or your clients navigate to the Household or Account dashboard, the holdings data displays just as quickly as all the other data on the dashboard.

Enhanced the display of Model Names in the Investor Portal

  • We improved how model names are displayed in the Investor portal so your clients have a much clearer understanding of the models and strategies assigned to their accounts.