Nitrogen Integration: Set-Up Process

  • 2 December 2022
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The CircleBlack-Nitrogen integration allows Advisors to utilize single sign-on to seamlessly view and analyze Risk Numbers for Households, Accounts, Groups, and Models within CircleBlack.

To set up the integration you will need to connect your Nitrogen and CircleBlack accounts. You only need to do this once and they will remain connected.

Log in to CircleBlack and click on the ‘gear’ icon in the top right corner, then click on Integrations:

Click on the Nitrogen logo on the Integrations page:

Then click the Login button to login to your Nitrogen account:

A Nitrogen window will display where you can enter your credentials:

Then, click “Yes, I authorize this request” in the following window, and the integration will be established! You will be taken back to CircleBlack.

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